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premium financed life insurance

What if your life insurance was an asset, instead of an expense?

Discover Premium Financed Life Insurance, an investment vehicle generating tax-free growth. 

Protect Your Family & Grow Your Wealth

Seeking to expand your portfolio with a buffer asset that is unaffected by market volatility? With Premium Financed Life Insurance, your life insurance contributions work for you.

life insurance investment

What Is Premium Financed Life Insurance?

PFLI is an investment vehicle that utilizes your life insurance as a buffer asset to create tax-free income for retirement or other uses.

investing in life insurance



You contribute a fixed amount for 5, 7 or 10 years.



A lender enhances your contribution to maximize potential growth.



The insurance company pays you interest on the invested cash value of your policy.

How Does PFLI Work?

It's that simple.

insurance premium financing

Creating Opportunities For Everyone

Never heard of this strategy before? Premium Financing has typically been reserved for the wealthiest high-net worth individuals. But, why? 

Shouldn't anyone who qualifies be able to reap the benefits of this tax saving, guaranteed downside protection tool? At EFS, we think everyone deserves the same opportunities.


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