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We have strong and unique relationships with both insurance carriers and specialty lenders, who help us place our clients in the strongest possible financial position. 

About Our Founder

Jeff Faine, graduate of the University of Notre Dame, is a 10-year NFL veteran who retired after playing for the Cleveland Browns, New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Cincinnati Bengals.  At one point during his NFL career as an Offensive Lineman, Jeff was the highest paid center in the NFL.

He was introduced to the concept of premium financing as a client and obtained his first PFLI policy at the age of 25. An offensive lineman's job is to protect and create opportunities. 15 years later, Jeff remains an offensive lineman at heart. Naturally, he took interest in the parallel concept of premium financed life insurance after his retirement from the NFL. 

As a life insurance professional, he utilizes the experience gained as a client to introduce new solutions and tools to help protect his clients while improving their opportunity to grow wealth.

jeff faine enhanced funding premium financed life specialist

Premium Life Expertise

Jeff has mastered the art of designing premium financed life insurance solutions. He has a diverse clientele that includes high net worth individuals, business owners, professional athletes, professionals (physicians, attorneys, accountants, and dentists), and universities.

Jeff’s experience as a client and businessman provides a unique perspective that allows him to “walk in the shoes” of his clients. He understands their challenges and provides them the absolute best solutions that fit their needs.

premium life insurance expert
life insurance as an investment

About Us

Enhanced Funding Solutions (EFS) is a specialty financial services firm with expertise in premium financed life insurance.
Founded by Jeff Faine, our firm’s philosophy and approach hinges on the experience of our partners as practitioners as insureds and policy owners first.
All partners at EFS have walked in the shoes of the client and own financed life insurance policies.  The value in the experience as a client first lends to a unique ability to expertly manage premium financing solutions. 
“Jeff Faine is a former NFL offensive lineman. In his role during the NFL, his job was to create opportunities and protect his QB.”
“Becoming a Premium Financed Life Insurance consultant after the NFL enabled him to put those two strengths to work on behalf of his clients.”


901 N Lake Destiny Drive, STE 380

Maitland, FL 32751


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