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DEF is an income-focused solution that utilizes a unique lending program with a variable interest rate to increase leverage. The design avoids the need to pledge external collateral. Clients commit to a fixed yearly contribution for 5, 7 or 10 years, and then allow the leverage to do the heavy lifting. Clients enjoy collateral certainty with the policy’s values serving as the sole collateral needed to secure the financed premiums.

Traditional Enhanced Funding has the best opportunity to maximize the client’s outcome, meaning it also has the most variables for clients to consider. TEF offers the highest responsible leverage ratios. Like our other carefully designed solutions, clients continue to commit to a fixed contribution. The loans are reviewed on an annual basis, and clients must provide financial documents to the lender each year.

Enhance Existing Policies

EFS can enhance an existing policy with responsible leverage to produce a more dynamic solution. Many life insurance policy are sold, not managed. Two things clients have zero control over and that create the greatest disadvantage, are : 

1. Regulation changes (Ask us about 7702)
2. Life insurance carrier product improvements 

Receive a complimentary review of your existing policy by an expert analyst. Contact us to learn more!

Custom PF Rescue (CPR)

EFS can rescue clients from poorly designed policies and loans. We know unethical or misinformed advisors are pushing “free insurance” policies to clients and there is no such thing.

If your premium finance policy isn't what you thought it would be,  please reach out to us.

We are experienced, ready and willing to rescue you from a poorly designed solution.

 In some cases it's as simple as refinance the loan with improved loan terms to immediately save new clients a significant amount of money.

Financial Solutions

life insurance investment solutions

Our Solutions

We offer fully custom solutions based on each clients' protection and wealth-building goals.

Choosing EFS as your Premium Financed Life Insurance firm means we've earned your trust through meetings and opportunities to answer your questions. Once ready, prospective clients will submit an "Enhanced Qualifier" so our tea, can review and determine the appropriate solution based on individual needs. Intake and transmission of sensitive data is safely processed through DocuSign.

Step One: Entrusting EFS & Qualifying

Once we've qualified a prospective client, we develop custom curated examples for client consideration. This "sample solution" is provided within 48 hours for qualified candidates! These samples are arranged by gender, age and client commitment. We use them to provide clients a better understanding of how our solutions could potentially enhance their financial position.

Step Two: Receive Your Sample Solution

Individual client custom solutions will be carefully outlined for qualified candidates after the client submits a personal financial statement AND it has been either verified by underwriting OR an EFS Team Member has reviewed it with the client.

Step Three: Receive Custom Tailored Solution

  • Implementation of Solution

    1. EFS will provide universal application for client to fill out and submit

    2. EFS will provide pre-filled carrier and lender application for client’s execution

    3. If necessary, EFS will request required supporting underwriting documents for carrier and lender (tax returns, investment statements, etc.)

    4. EFS will submit application and required supporting underwriting documents to the carrier and lender for formal underwriting

  • Execution of Solution

    1. Once formal approval received from carrier, EFS will coordinate loan documents between lender and policy owner for execution

    2. Policy will be delivered and funded after issuance

  • Policy & Loan Management

    1. EFS will provide annual policy and loan reviews and advise on any policy or loan adjustments

    2. If necessary, EFS will request required financial documents 60-90 days prior to loan renewal, and immediate policy owner compliance is required and necessary to achieve a smooth and efficient process.

Step Four: Implementation, Execution & Management

How We Work

Custom Solutions For Qualified Candidates
There are four steps to the Enhanced Funding Solutions Process.


901 N Lake Destiny Drive, STE 380

Maitland, FL 32751


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