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Can I Lower My Taxes with Enhanced Funding?

Benjamin Franklin was famously quoted saying, “In this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes.”

While a harsh reality, you can’t deny the truth in his statement.

These two things are inevitable. With Enhanced Funding, you can help make life’s two greatest certainties work to your advantage. 

The Enhanced Funding strategy, known as Premium Financed Life Insurance (PFLI), takes the money you contribute to your life insurance policy and turns it into tax-free wealth

Ever wonder how the ultra-wealthy are able to enjoy so many tax breaks? It largely comes down to their capital investments. These tax advantages are not just available to the 1%, however.

Using a practical and proven investment strategy, PFLI policies enhance your death benefit with leverage (additional capital). That generates interest – real income that you can access tax-free. 

In today’s volatile, rapidly changing economic environment, interest rates are moving like a rollercoaster.

Seeking ways to take better control of your money is a must

At Enhanced Funding Solutions, we can help you maximize your PFLI investment by prioritizing your approach to tax breaks.

Premium Financing Tax Advantages with Enhanced Funding Solutions

To get tax breaks like the wealthy, investors must balance their equity portfolios with tax-free investments.

As a buffer asset, PFLI policies earn tax-free growth and provide tax-free income that is largely unaffected by negative market conditions.

While all types of PFLI plans will help you earn tax-free income on your investment, Deferred Enhanced Funding plans allow you to avoid paying capital gains tax when liquidating the asset for cash. This means you can:

  1. Access your capital without paying taxes – just like a checking account.

  2. Protect your wealth so your family inherits the full value of your asset and pays minimal taxes for the gift.

Build Trust with Your Advisory Team

An investment strategy that allows you to build tax-free wealth simply by contributing to your life insurance policy as you normally would may sound too good to be true. 

Because this “pseudo-exclusive” investment type is not yet well known, in comparison to contributing to a real estate portfolio or treasury bonds for example, you must do additional due diligence.

Work with your current financial advisor(s) and CPAs to vet firms to ensure whomever you choose for your PFLI policy is a good fit with the team you’ve already assembled.

At Enhanced Funding Solutions, we got into this business because we’ve seen it work for ourselves.

We encourage you to ask us questions, request meetings and express concerns before beginning your policy. The entire EFS team works to earn your trust.


Most importantly, EFS manages each client’s policy and investment in an efficient way that meets their risk tolerance and works toward their specific financial goals.

You too can add a buffer asset in a tax-efficient manner and increase your wealth!

The EFS team is here to support your wealth building by: 

  1. Making your investment work for you. The collateral is the policy and clients pay an annual premium for it – that’s it.

  2. Optimizing your new investment with tax advantages.

  3. Earning and maintaining your trust.

If you are already paying premiums for a death benefit, wouldn’t you want to maximize those dollars as a secure, tax-free investment?

Learn more about how Enhanced Funding Solutions can help make your money work smarter and harder for you, reach out any time: or 773-318-9608.



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