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Enhanced Funding: How to Leverage Your Life Insurance and Build Wealth

Enhanced Funding Solutions is a firm focused on our clients’ financial growth through two core philosophies:

  1. creating opportunities

  2. protecting wealth

We have honed our experience specifically in the Premium Financed Life Insurance industry. Founder Jeff Faine obtained his first policy at age 25 while playing in the NFL. The value in having experience as a client first guides the firm’s mission and ability to expertly manage these solutions for others.

How to Leverage Your Life Insurance

So, how does premium financed life insurance work exactly?

  1. First, EFS helps clients secure a better life insurance policy, carefully designed to improve their financial positions.

  2. Next, EFS works with lenders to secure lump capital to enhance the clients’ contribution.

  3. Then, the client contributes a fixed annual amount over 5, 7 or 10 years to cover policy premiums.

  4. Finally, EFS coordinates these two sources of contributions (client + lender) with the insurance company who provides a handsome return on the invested capital.

Did you know the average IRR (Interest Rate Return) has historically been between 8%-15%? This capital builds measurable wealth for our clients’ retirement.

What is Enhanced Funding with Life Insurance?

Leverage is an approach to investing using assets to increase potential returns on an investment. Making your money work for itself is the foundation of investing. EFS believes making all your money work for you is the best approach to build wealth. Of course, this includes life insurance policies, an asset in and of itself.

To summarize our approach:

  1. A client takes out a cash loan from the bank using a life insurance policy as the asset to secure the loan.

  2. Instead of depending only on their cash, clients leverage the lender’s cash to contribute more to their insurance policy. The policy can experience greater return on the total amount contributed.

  3. After covering policy expenses (example: 2%), the net return grows tax-free income for the client (example: 8%).

Our firm believes in strategies that rely on life insurance as leverage. This pushes clients to the next level in building wealth. By giving the insurance provider additional funds, clients earn a larger return on investment.

We pair these fundamentals with excellent customer service to enhance this tax efficient asset.

How to Qualify for an Enhanced Funding Plan

Most individuals who look to continue building wealth have a broad investment portfolio. They hold diverse and fully-funded retirement accounts. They often own real estate, sophisticated equity and fixed investments, and more.

Historically, Premium Financed Life Insurance was a strategy reserved for the ultra-wealthy. However, this doesn’t have to remain the case.

Using a life insurance policy as an asset to build wealth is an under-utilized strategy.

The minimum threshold to qualify for a PFLI policy requires clients to have household earnings of $200,000 per year, and a $35,000 yearly contribution.

Our firm works one-on-one with clients to assess personal factors including risk tolerance, interest and time.

Most importantly, the reason Enhanced Funding Solutions exists–to provide strategic insight and planning with outstanding service.

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Determine the Right Enhanced Funding Plan

Our firm builds a plan to suit each clients’ individual needs based on their goals for building wealth. For some, it may be a wise decision as a business grows, or they reach an income level that permits them to focus on their future.

For others, individuals with a large amount of assets may be seeking tax advantages for the upcoming year.

Both groups of people, and many in between, have a similar goal: to strategically use their money in order to build wealth.

No matter the current situation, individuals who need a life insurance policy for any reason may very well benefit from leveraging it.

To learn more, simply contact our firm to set an appointment. The EFS team is proud to provide experienced, dedicated service knowing they bring a unique quality to the table: they’ve all held PFLI policies for over a decade.

Contact the EFS firm today to make an appointment to discuss solutions to not only secure, but enhance their futures.

Reach out to me today to explore your options. I look forward to answering any questions you may have. – Jeff Faine

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