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Preserve Your Wealth: Premium Financed Life Insurance

Planning for retirement, death benefits, and asset distribution or liquidation may feel like a complicated process. This is especially true in a down market.

However, it doesn’t have to be stressful.

At EFS, we believe that planning for your retirement should be as stress-free as retirement itself.

We utilized Premium Financed Life Insurance to further support a strong financial position on behalf of our clients.

Often, we assist financial advisors and insurance advisors to create comprehensive plans tailored to clients needs. Therefore, it takes the guesswork out. Most importantly, it measurably grows wealth so clients can retire in the comfort they’ve earned.

We have honed our experience specifically in this industry. Founder Jeff Faine obtained his first policy at age 25 while playing in the NFL. As a result, the value in his experience as a client first guides our ability to expertly manage these solutions for others.

Premium Financed Life Insurance: Benefits

Leaving a legacy of success is an important goal for many individuals. Clients got where they are today by making smart business decisions and strategic financial moves. 

You may be surprised by just how many benefits this type of investment vehicle offers. These benefits are ideal for those looking to expand beyond typical equities that are affected by poor market performance. In addition, PFLI guarantees lasting financial wellness for tomorrow. 

Now, let’s take a look at the benefits:

  1. Leverage funding without liquidating assets

  2. Cash value increases offers tax-deferred growth

  3. Expert advisement & guidance on policy selection & tailored benefits

  4. Grow & protect wealth

Premium Financed Life Insurance: Estate & Death Benefits

Financial needs don’t stop the day someone retires. Ensuring the funds clients acquired during their working years can sustain their lifestyle is key.

Premium financed life insurance is a strategic way to set clients, their families and businesses up for success with minimal restructuring

Here’s why premium financed life insurance changes the game when it comes to retirement planning and death benefits:

  1. Guaranteed cash value

  2. Use the funds without touching your invested retirement accounts

  3. Minimize tax complications

  4. Fully tailored plans for your unique retirement journey

  5. Retain assets for after-death distribution or liquidation

Wondering exactly how it works? Click below to download my free PDF to review real case studies:

premium financed life insurance - 1 - jeff faine - enhanced funding solutions

Premium Financed Life Insurance: Why it Works

For instance, consider this excerpt from Forbes to illustrate why premium financed life insurance is such an attractive option for legacy-minded individuals:

“..a client is purchasing a policy with a premium of $100,000 per year. They borrow the $100,000 at 5% interest, resulting in an out-of-pocket interest expense of $5,000 for the first year, leaving them with retained capital of $95,000.

If put into an investment vehicle that yields a 10% return, at the end of the year the $95,000 will grow to $104,500 — with life insurance still there to protect their assets. Over time, this will continue to grow.

Forbes continues to say, “One thing that successful investors and business executives understand well is the wealth-creating power of leverage.

For many who need large policies, financing can greatly reduce out-of-pocket expenses and preserve capital for other investments.

Forbes notes the “wealth-creating power of leverage”. In other words, incorporating Premium Financed Life Insurance into a portfolio helps our clients build wealth, faster.


Premium financed life insurance is a great option for anyone who wants to use leveraged capital to grow their wealth, protect their assets, and streamline their legacy.

Above all, this strategy is no longer reserved for the ultra-wealthy.

In conclusion, more and more strategic-minded individuals are choosing premium financed life insurance for its simple and efficient structure that is the hallmark of any sound financial decision.

At EFS, we focus on our clients’ individual needs to help them explore their options.

Doing this means we can create a tailored plan alongside their financial advisors and insurance teams. Most importantly, this ensures financial health today, through retirement, and beyond.

Reach out to me today to explore your options. I look forward to answering any questions you may have. – Jeff Faine

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