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Tax Liabilities: Minimize Your Exposure for Maximum Gain

Are you or your clients anticipating a major liquidity event, such as the sale of a home, paying for college, lump retirement distributions, or selling a business? Regardless of the income source, the financial decisions you make post-transaction regarding the tax liability is key. 

It's crucial to understand how to navigate the tax responsibilities to ensure maximum benefit from such an event.

Join our complimentary webinar taking place on Tuesday, May 14th at 12pm EDT for a conversation designed to empower anyone looking to turn their tax liability into monetary gain.

Who Should Attend and Why?

This session will be informative for any individuals who anticipate a major liquidity in their future.

Additionally, this session is ideal for financial advisors and CPAs who want to have a complete list of options for their clients who will experience the tax burdens that come with the examples outlined above.

Your Hosts:

  • Jeff Faine, CLU®, Founder and Managing Partner of Enhanced Funding Solutions, brings his wealth of knowledge in leveraging specialized funding solutions to minimize tax burdens.

  • Josh Gentine, founder of Family.Inc, has a track record of empowering business owners with tools and insights to keep more of their hard-earned money.

Josh and I will be discussing Enhanced Tax Advantage, an distribution option that enables you or your clients’ to keep more of their income by reducing tax liabilities.

Key Takeaways

Strategies to Reduce Tax Impact: Learn actionable strategies to minimize tax liabilities following any significant liquidity event.

Niche Expert Insights: Gain insights from tenured professionals who can answer any questions you may have regarding reduced tax liability.

Immediate Value: Walk away with practical information that can be immediately applied to you or your clients’ portfolio.

This webinar is complementary and if you cannot attend during the webinar, a recording will be available.

Join us on May 14th at 12:00pm EDT for an informative webinar that will equip you with a better understanding of tax liability.



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